Paramount Weightlifting Programs

A program for Everyone

We have all types of programs to meet a variety of goals. Meet Prep, Strength, Classic Lift focus and more!

Team Program

Be a part of the team no matter where you are. It's fun, interactive and gets you strong!

Workout Tracking

Workout tracking that records effort, time and tonnage with each session. Also tracks PR's, working maxes and more.

Complete Programming

We cover everything in our programs. From warm ups with video breakdowns, to lifting and cool down stretching with demos.

the perfect program

We have a variety of programs available for a number of goals. Whether its dialing in technique, prepping for a meet, or just looking to gain overall strength to supplement your lifts. All programs include warm up and stretching components. Programs available to keep up to 1 year.


Team Program 5x/Week training


Masters Team 4x/Week Training


The Ziggurat
12 Week Strength cycle


The Ziggurat
12 Week Masters Version


Peach Truck
14 Week Strength Cycle


Peach Truck Masters
14 Week Strength Cycle


Jupiter Gains 2.0
12 Week Strength & Meet Prep Cycle


The Big 5
Weekly Max Out Cycle


The Zenith
5 Week Competition Prep Cycle

Frequently asked questions

Team programming is a monthly subscription. Program blocks are accessible for one year from date of purchase.

Team Program only is $40. We have other remote coaching options available for an additional charge. See our memberships page for more details

Our Head Coach Christopher Douglas

Paramount uses the Train Heroic platform to deliver programming

What Our Athletes Say...

I love the Paramount programming! The warm up and cool down videos have been extremely helpful for me. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to prep or stretch post workout its all laid out with instructional videos for me. The programming is very detailed and gives me the coaches desired intent on each component so I do them correctly. The Accessory work has been so challenging but I in a good way and its always fun to do. I've seen a lot of progress in 6 months and added 14kg to my total already!
Holli Meredith
Remote Athlete
I wanted to be a part of a team because I train alone in my garage. The team program has been great to make me feel a part of something bigger! The active social feed is encouraging and the daily leader boards help give me that extra push!
Hall Read
Thanks to Paramount I've found my stride again. Lost with no direction and closing in on 40 I joined the online team in Florida. With video guidance and the tips from the great coaches Ive been able to gain strength, improve my technique and hit some new PR's! I never thought I would hit the numbers I have recently. I was able to add 25# to my snatch and 35# to my squat. Thanks to Paramount for all the help and guidance!
Fabian Febles
Remote Athlete
I really enjoy Paramount training. It has a wide variety of movements and pushes me to of the variations and exercises I otherwise wouldn't do on my own. So far I have seen great improvements in my technique and have eliminated some weaknesses. I look forward to continuing with even more progress in the coming cycles!
Aaron Reynolds
Paramount Athlete